Let’s Study with U-Study!

By Tan Si Jia and Jean Wong

7 November 2017 – Need study materials and tidbits to keep the midnight oil burning? Fret not, the Students’ Union has you covered!

Photo: NTUSU Photography

This year, 5000 welfare packs were distributed to our undergraduate students. Lengthy queues for welfare packs started forming before noon and snaked its way around North Spine, before the event had begun. The first 1500 students were treated to free bubble tea as a special treat for waiting patiently and being early in line. There was also a plethora of performances organized by the Students’ Union to keep students entertained as they queued for the welfare packs.

Photo: NTUSU Photography

Although the estimated waiting time was 15 minutes or more, many students still stayed in line patiently for their welfare pack, demonstrating how students needed the fuel for the last lap of the semester. Tiew Kah Seng, a NBS student, mentioned that the goodie bag was “not bad” and effective in helping students prepare for the examinations. The atmosphere was lively, as crowds of undergraduates flocked to the bustling queues in groups with their friends.

“The welfare pack is pretty good and quite encouraging, especially since it is free” 

Teo Karshing, NBS/2

Within just an hour, a total of 2000 welfare packs were given out. This year’s U-Study achieved greater success in terms of attendance and vibrancy. Additionally, the waiting time was shorter than before, thanks to the hard working Ussociates who helped in managing the queues, and in coordinating the event. Eventually, the event ended in the late afternoon, with all 5000 of the welfare packs given away. Teo Karshing, a Year 2 NBS student, mentioned how the welfare pack was beneficial to students studying for finals, stating that “The welfare pack is pretty good and quite encouraging, especially since it is free,” and that the items included in the welfare pack were commendable.

In addition, there were sponsors’ booths located in the LT1A vicinity, where students could collect several freebies. These included free ice-cream in return for doing a quick survey, as well as free iced drinks, candy, and quirky glass bottles shaped like light bulbs. At the booths, students had chances to snap up more sources of sponsored products, as well as interact with representatives of the sponsors themselves.

SAC Express Queue
Photo: Tan Si Jia

This year, the Express Queue initiative was launched. The first 1000 students who completed an online survey before the U-Study event were able to obtain their welfare packs at the Student Activities Centre instead. The queues here were shorter than at the main queue at Canopy K, and students indicated that it was a good initiative to help reduce long waiting times experienced during past years’ U-Study events. A Year 3 NBS student, Evangeline Yew, agreed with this viewpoint, and added that NTUSU welfare packs always had a reputation for having a myriad of useful goodies.

Photo: NTUSU Photography

Additionally, the NTU Student Wellbeing Centre (SWC) held a 45-minute sharing session on “The 50% You Neglect in Exam Preparation”, to help students better prepare for their exams. George Mathew Juries, an EEE student, attended this talk together with his friend, Ngai Hei Chak. Having attended the talk last year, he returned again, since the speaker shared several useful tips which had helped in preparations for final examinations previously. Ngai recommended other students to attend the talk as well, especially if they were struggling with their examination preparation. At the end of the talk, the participants were also entitled to collect a welfare pack.

Indeed, many freebies were given out during the U-Study event, supporting the welfare of all our students who put in their best for their academic endeavours. This semester has certainly been hectic for many, if not all, of us. As it draws to a close, it is a good time for us to take a small breather (or as some might call it, the “calm before the storm”) before the start of the final examinations.

With that, the Students’ Union wishes all students the best for your examinations!

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