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Here are some of the most highly rated and value-for-money food venues that you can find without having to leave the campus.

Home to many canteens, fast food outlets and eateries—there is always something to munch on here in NTU. Think you need to scrimp and save? You might be surprised at the vast array of cheap and good food that NTU boasts. Take a read, and you might uncover hidden gems and discover new food haunts to satisfy your taste buds, without leaving a hole in your pocket.

The recent #NTUFoodCritics campaign on Facebook and Instagram saw many contributions from NTU students and staff alike. Here are some of our top picks!

NS Food Court (1)

North Spine Food Court (Canteen A)

Opening Hours:

7am-9pm (Weekdays)

7am-3pm (Saturdays and public holidays)

Want to be spoiled for choice? Look no further than the North Spine Food Court!

These are the three stalls to look out for on your next visit:

  • Snack

Fancy some simple finger food? The Macaroni with Chicken Soup ($1.90) and Peanut Butter waffles ($1.30) are popular options to whet your appetite. (Recommendations by @ganruiyun and @mysweetlittletooth)


  • Elijah Pie

Craving for a tasty and ‘Instagrammable’ slice of pie for afternoon tea? Elijah Pie, the new addition to the food court, is definitely the place for you. With their unique creations, such as the Nutella Pie ($4.50) and the Earl Grey Rose Pie ($4.50), your taste buds will be in for a treat. (Recommendations by @xsquaresquare and @shaunsimjaykay)

NS Western

  • Mains

Chinese and western cuisines may be battling it out in the North Spine food court, but both the roasted meat noodles ($2.50) and the black pepper grilled fish ($4.50) are just equally appealing. (Suggestions by @ganruiyun and @oliviaagatha001)

Koufu (1)

Koufu (Canteen B)

Opening Hours:

7am-9pm (Weekdays)

7am-3pm (Saturdays and public holidays)

If you don’t have classes at the North Spine, fret not! There’s something for everyone at Koufu @ the South Spine.

Pasta Express

  • Pasta Express

A very recent addition to Koufu is Pasta Express, a new pasta stall that allows you to DIY your own lunch or dinner. If you are a gym-goer, you may double the portion of chicken breast, and top it up with eggs for a protein replenishment. Not a fan of meat? You will be able to customize your own green pasta here too. Not sure what to order? Why not try combining Aglio Olio, chicken breast, smoked duck breast and egg sous vide ($4.30). (Recommendation by @combwind)

Hungry for more? Those wallet-friendly foods extend even beyond the wings of the main NTU campus – if there isn’t a canteen at your hall, chances are you’ll find one at a neighboring hall. If you happen to eat at the halls of residence, do check out these three canteens.

Canteen 11

Opening Hours: 7am-9pm (daily)

Located conveniently for the residents of Hall 11, Hall 10, and the North Hill halls, Canteen 11 is located just a stone’s throw from the Jalan Bahar entrance into NTU.

These are the two most popular stalls that are worth taking a short bus ride for.

Canteen 11 mixed rice

  • Mixed Rice

A staple for residents of the adjacent halls, the mixed rice stall offers a range of Chinese food catered to vegetarians and meat lovers alike. With just $3, you can get a generous portion of 1 meat and 2 vegetables. (Recommendation by @tommyantony)

  • Si Chuan Mala

The Si Chuan Mala store offers some of the most authentic Chinese food here in NTU. From the tingly and fiery spiciness of the Si Chuan Mala ($4.80) to the classic Seafood Fried Rice ($3.30), there is surely something for everyone. (Recommendation by @ruomingzheng)

Pioneer Hall Canteen

Even though it is relatively new, the Pioneer Hall Canteen has already carved a name for itself as one canteen to look out for.

Open daily from 7am – 9pm, the Korean stall is one of the most authentic, exotic food stalls you can find on campus.

Pioneer Hall Korean

From fiery kimchi to bibimbap (Korean mixed rice), the Korean stall has been given rave reviews. This is where you get a taste of Korea, out of Korea.

NIE Canteen

Just across the North Spine lies the NIE canteen, home to many tasty, affordable stalls ranging from Asian to Western food.

Open every Monday to Friday from 7am-6pm, the noodle stall is surely something you don’t want to miss. Prawn noodles, fish ball noodles, lor mee……each bowl costs only a little over $2, but it is just so satisfying that you will feel energized to study. (Recommendation by @billyng00)


NIE Western

The reviews above are selected from the #NTUFoodCritics campaign on Instagram and Facebook. We have received numerous submissions with mouth-watering photos and thorough reviews in this movement, and we would like to thank all those students and staff who submitted them.

The compilation of results for the second wave of NTU food reviews, #NTUFoodCritics2.0, is in the process too. Do keep a look out for the list of good eats your fellow NTU students and staff recommend!

And here’s a summary of some of our favourite submissions:


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