New Red Line Bus Stop at Hall 11

New Red Line Bus Stop

From 15 May 2017 onwards, there will be an additional Red Line bus stop opposite North Hill halls, where the current Hall 11 bus stop is.

Since the launch of the North Hill Precinct, the Union has been noticing cases where its residents jaywalked to catch Red Line buses at the Graduate Hall 2 bus stop. Even though the North Hill halls bus stop is serviced by Blue Line buses, many prefer taking Red Line buses due to the shorter travelling time, especially if they are heading to the North Spine.

In January 2017, a petition that called for a Red Line bus stop to be set up at Hall 11 bus stop was initiated and signed by over 200 students, further proving the inconvenience experienced by the residents.

The Union raised the issue to the University management and has been engaging the Housing and Auxiliary Services (HAS) Transportation department in discussions on the potential safety issues that could arise and their solutions since Semester 1 of AY16/17.

As a result, the University management decided to set up a new Red Line bus stop for students’ convenience and to prevent unsafe road-crossing.

While there is greater convenience and reduced safety concerns, extra travelling time can be incurred due to the additional Red Line bus stop.

There are also other safety issues that the University management and the bus operator would like to remind the passengers of. Firstly, standing on the steps of the bus is not allowed. If the bus is full, kindly wait for the next bus. Secondly, the bus should always be boarded from the front door and alighted from the back door. This will help to reduce crowding near the bus doors, as well as the time taken for boarding and alighting.

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