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Written by: Mandy Ngoh

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we certainly hope you are glowing from all the roses and sweet nothings! While some of us may be evergreen or currently single, fret not, love is always in the air at NTU. Here are some love stories and perspectives from our fellow students to motivate you to chase that dream girl or boy. And if you’re single, don’t feel left out – we have a collection of perspectives from our single friends in NTU too!

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Fated to Love You:

My boyfriend and I met in orientation camp as freshmen in the same group. We did not have many opportunities to interact, so I didn’t think much of him; in fact, I barely noticed his existence! But as fate would have it, we encountered each other again when we were allocated (yet again) to the same group in faculty camp. Since I recognised him, we naturally stuck together and the relationship developed from there. Along with our friends, we started to meet for lunch and subsequently, he offered to send breakfast to my hall even though he did not stay on campus. He would also accompany me to class. He was cute.

It was a very organic process – after five months of knowing and hanging out with each other, we got together. One day over a meal, he simply asked: “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” I don’t remember the rest, but I thought his straightforwardness was charming.

He’s sweet, caring, and independent. Quite a good catch for my first relationship. Even my parents liked him after meeting him for the first time. Though school has started and we’re quite busy, we still find time to have meals together and talk about our day. I hope we last forever.

– the happy girl

Catching my EC:

I was a freshman and he was a Year 4 senior. When I first saw him, it was as though I was shot by Cupid’s Arrow – I’d never seen such a perfect man! He was hot, handsome, funny, and the epitome of manliness. Whenever he talked to me, I was stunned to silence! It was unbelievable to me that he would take an interest in me. Little did I know, he was attracted to me too. When my boyfriend was courting me, he would text me all the time, as though he had no life outside his phone. I was living the dream – my eye candy and dream boy wanted me as much as I wanted him! What a time to be alive.

Fast forward today, we have already BTO-ed! He is not an easy man to date, and I frightened him away many times. But being an expert in men’s psychology, I always manage to get him back. Now he’s my one and only.

– the lucky girl

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I Married My CGL:

My wife and I met at HSS Camp. She was my GL. We didn’t date until the second semester. I jokingly asked her if I could take her out, but I didn’t follow through. She then wished me on my birthday, asking me to go out with her instead. So that’s how our love story started and now we are married!

the happily married guy

Writer’s note: the couple has known each other for 6 years since their freshman year. Okay, enough of the camp stories!

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The Traditional Way:

We’re both in NTU now, but we were dating before we entered the university. I got a text one day from an unknown number. It was a random guy claiming to have received my contact from a mutual friend. He claimed to be looking for a partner to attend an event together; upon being introduced to my Instagram page, he decided to take a leap of faith and ask me out.

Of course, to be safe, I immediately cross-checked with this mutual friend, who promptly verified that it was a legitimate contact. Now intrigued by this mysterious man, I decided to do some online scouring to find out more about him. He had a relatively unique name, so I found his Facebook page in no time. On his profile picture was a charming smile. So I agreed – why not, right? The first picture I sent to him was a picture of my eyebrows.

I took the initiative to ask him out to meet a few weeks before the event, to avoid awkwardness on the day itself. He was even more charismatic in person. I liked the way he carried himself as a gentleman (he still is, 2 years on, albeit only to me), and he told me he liked the way I spoke. I guess we both have a thing for politeness. Later on he would tell me he fell in love with me at first sight. Men are so dramatic.

the polite girl

Now, I know you are sick of all these love stories. Here are a few alternative perspectives from the single population in NTU:

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The Singles’ Perspectives:

I feel that Valentine’s Day is a commercialised event for companies to tap on and make profit from. Sure, it’d be nice to have someone to spend it with, especially when FOMO is real. However, since I’ve been single my entire life, it’s like any other day, but at least there’s chocolate and flowers, which really make the day less sufferable. So Valentine’s Day? Just another ordinary day but with inflated prices, crowded streets and excessive PDA – in other words, a celebration of capitalism. After that, don’t complain if your boyfriend doesn’t show you much affection, I mean… you really dug a hole in his wallet.

– the evergreen

Yes, indeed, everyday can be Valentine’s Day if we want it to be – even for singles! A prime example is ME. I am attached to my WORK. It occupies my heart and my mind. Who needs a partner when you are on the journey to success? Not me, y’all. I do agree that Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to have your feelings validated. It can be a useful source of courage to express yourself to your crush or eyecandy without seeming weird. It’s a great day to make cards for and send gifts to your friends and family, too. The meaning of Valentine’s Day is whatever we make of it. For a relationship to work out and be fulfilling for all parties, you still need to put in effort for the remaining 364 days of the year. Otherwise, Valentine’s is just like any other day.

mr no girls, no problem

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To me, V-Day was a normal day in school – the girl I have a crush on wasn’t available to go out with me. But I didn’t believe in confessing on that day, even if it might be a ‘special day’. V-day is supposedly for couples, but I don’t want to lose a friend on that special day, by ‘accepting rejection and moving on’. To me, I’m happy enough to go out with my crush even if it’s not V-day.

contented guy

Valentine’s used to be the biggest event every year in my single gender secondary school. Girls would be seen entering school with 20 over balloons, handmade chocolates, and beautifully decorated handwritten cards for each other. There was never a lack of love on that day, even if none of us were attached. So, to all my single friends out there, fear not – Valentine’s Day is not just for those with significant others. Rather, it’s a day to celebrate and show love and appreciation for our friends and family, who have been through all the highs and lows with us, and who have shown us the most love our entire lives!

– miss optimistic

In Conclusion:

Whether you are single or attached, we hoped that you enjoyed yourself. For those who are attached, it was a day to show appreciation for your significant other. For those who are not, remember that you are the independent King and Queen! You know how to have a good time with your friends and yourself. And don’t forget: you have to love yourself before you can be a good lover. 

XOXO, U-Insight 

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