Nailing that University #OOTD: Male Edition

Written by: Shermaine Lim and Mandy Ngoh

Fashion sense is a common mark of identity, and in my university journey, I’ve observed a slew of styles of dressing on campus for both male and female students. For the benefit of our youth, I’ve collected these observations into a few underlying motifs. Join me in this slick tour through the Museum of Stylish Guys.

The Man of the Trends

“Swag” is the first word that pops into your head when you see him. He’s always decked out in the latest trends and can probably tell you what the next ‘in thing’ would be. His style is always top-notch, but also chill and practical.

The “Sports is Life”

This man could walk into the Olympics with the outfit he wears to class without anyone questioning his presence. Just kidding, but he does look like he’s always ready to hit the gym at any point in time. If you look at his shoe collection, you’ll understand that he’s well ahead of the game.

The Expressionista

Let your personality shine through with colours. His button-down shirt is crisp and unwrinkled, alongside his small chest pocket and artistic expression of vibrant prints. Despite Singapore’s weather, he also aggressively defies discomfort with the unfathomable – a turtleneck. He is a walking embodiment of art.

The Hall of Fame

This man is the beacon of hall pride. You know what hall he is from before you even meet him. He’s got every shirt there is from every single hall event there is: orientation, jam band, IHG, etc. You name it, he got it. His wardrobe can be considered a hall on its own.

The Minimalist

Mark Zuckerberg, step aside. You aren’t the only one with too many decisions to make. While you may think he recycles his white button-up just too many times, he’s really just saving the environment by reducing textile landfills and carbon footprint. A simple, yet classic style.

The Retro Hipster

Vintage is the new modern. At any point of the week, you can expect a combination of a polo shirt or a colourful vintage find with a pair of khaki shorts. Ornamentally, you may spot either light gold jewelry or the consistent presence of a black fanny pack on him. And his sunglasses? They’re rose-tinted.

For those out there discovering their style, this is not a guide or a horoscope chart, merely an exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek commentary. There are many other alternatives, with none being the correct option; ultimately, your opinion on fashion takes utmost precedence when it comes to presenting yourself. It’s all about being comfortable with your own style.

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Featured image credit: Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash

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