NTUSU Appreciation Night

By: Claire Goh

To celebrate the contributions of the members from the 23 student committees within the Students’ Union (known as Ussociates) over the latest academic year, NTUSU hosted the annual NTUSU Appreciation Night on April 3, 2019. Held at the Student Activities Centre, the tropical-themed party featured free food and drinks, and a lucky draw.

To kick off the night, Ussociates were treated with a door gift when they first entered the Student Activities Centre.

The Appreciation Night door gift includes an exclusive pencil case and customised NTUSU candies, along with a note of appreciation to thank all NTUSU committee members for their contributions.

Geraldine Lee, Member of the Human Resource Committee

Ussociates participated in games at 6 different booths to redeem stickers on their “ticket”. Upon obtaining 3 stickers, they could redeem a free Maki-San from 4 flavours and Gong Cha bubble tea. Delicious dessert was also available in the form of Koko Thai Coconut ice-cream. With 6 stickers, they could submit their ticket for a chance to enter the lucky draw.

Aman Kaur, a Public Policy & Global Affairs student from the Student Integration Committee, shared her thoughts on the event with us. “I’m having a whole lot of fun! I love the music, photo booth, and the coconut ice-cream was high quality.”

The night ended with a bang with the lucky draw giveaway. 3 lucky Ussociates walked away with a Google Home, JBL Speaker and Marshall earpieces.

“The night was very vibrant and I’m very happy at how the event has turned out,” said Marcus Koh, the Human Resource Executive and leader of the organising team for the Appreciation Night. We hope our Ussociates have enjoyed themselves, and that they will continue to carry their passion with them to achieve more for the student body!

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