Humans of NTU #1: Dawn Kwan

Sonder: a word created to describe a moment of individual illumination, where one recognises that others have a life as iridescent, and as emotionally nuanced, as one’s own. Indeed, every single individual goes through an adventure in life that is uniquely their own, being fuelled by their own ambitions, culminating in a story that is like none other.

An ordinary student spends a considerable proportion of their day in school (neglecting to include the lucky ones, for the sake of our sanity). With approximately 24,000 undergraduates in NTU, we will inevitably cross paths with numerous individuals throughout our time in university. While we surely realise occasionally that the people we encounter – ranging from strangers to a close friend – each have their own story to tell, more often than not, we let this recognition pass by without giving it a second thought.

Humans of NTU is a new series on U-Insight bringing together the stories of NTU students via a common platform, to capture this emotion of sonder. Presented in collaboration with NTU Fest 2019, NTUSU hopes to inspire an appreciation of those around us, and the dreams we share.

To kickstart the series, we present the story of Dawn Kwan, a soon-to-be final year undergraduate at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI). Watch Dawn share how she began her journey with her craft, the inspiration behind some of her works, as well as the difficulties she faces as an artist. 

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Humans of NTU is a project initiated by NTU Fest, in collaboration with U-Insight. NTU Fest is one of NTU’s largest flagship events, organised by the NTU Students’ Union. It aims to welcome new students into the NTU family while celebrating the spirit of the university community. This year, NTU Fest will be held on 14th August (Wed), from 4pm – 10pm.

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