NTUSU’s 29th Investiture cum AGM: Towards a More Vibrant and Supported Student Body

Written by: Spriha Bankata Mishra

The NTUSU held its 29th Investiture cum Annual General Meeting on Sep 17, 2019, marking the end of the outgoing 28th Executive Committee’s term. Held annually, the meeting covers the events and initiatives implemented by the Exco together with Ussociates to enhance student life and safeguard the interests of students.

This year’s Annual General Meeting kicked off with the outgoing President of NTUSU, Mr Edward Lim, as he delivered a presentation detailing the Union’s achievements in the past academic year, which included organising events as well as improving current systems such NTU’s campus shuttle bus services.

Mr Edward Lim, NTUSU’s outgoing president, talked about the Union’s achievements and highlights

Over the past year, some amendments were also made to current structures, such as new perks for the University’s Transition and Orientation Programme to ensure that the organising committees have more access to cash advancements and first aid workshops, and that reimbursements would become less of an issue.

Four new initiatives regarding transportation have also been introduced by the 28th Executive Committee, such as the launch of the Express and Lunch Express Shuttle Bus Services, which aims to alleviate hotspots during peak hours. Moreover, some of the major events organised by NTUSU, such as NTUFest, Open House and Fun Fiesta were also documented to officially mark the end of a fulfilling term.

The meeting was of importance as it introduced the incoming Union to the impact of their roles and helped them to implement new ideas, and to honour the former Union for their successes, while also setting the stage to rectify where they may have fallen short during their term.

Union Gold and Silver awards were awarded to members of the outgoing committees

The Annual General Meeting also played a homage to the commemoration of outstanding Ussociates for their hard work the past year. Union Gold and Silver awards were presented to some of the outstanding members of the outgoing committees. The recipients included various lead members of the outgoing committees, as well as executive members of the 28th Exco.

Moreover, a comprehensive report on the budget and expenditure of the Union was presented during the meeting, giving students a clear idea of how the Union has managed their finances with the aim of advancing the welfare of the student population. The presentation also included the proposed budget for the upcoming academic year.

Mr Edward Lim later took the stage for his final speech as NTUSU’s President of the 28th Exco, underscoring the importance of bouncing back from adversities, and how teamwork and unity are key when working towards a common goal.

The incoming President, Mr Bryan Michael Chiew Sen, ended the ceremony with a speech

The incoming President, Mr Bryan Michael Chiew Sen, then addressed the audience at the end of the ceremony to share some words with the new committee.

“I want to close the gap between NTUSU and all the students. I hope that students can always find NTUSU [to be] a place that constructively works towards a more vibrant and supported student body. Do look out for new and upcoming events NTUSU intends to roll-out.”

Image credit: NTUSU Corporate Communications

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