Integration Night 2019

Integration Night 2019: Where Halloween Horror Bridges Cultural Boundaries

Written by: Kavya Aggarwal

Every year, NTU welcomes a new batch of undergraduates to its unique environs. Some are here for the long haul (read: full-time courses), others on the lookout for new experiences as they arrive here on exchange. Getting familiar with an entirely foreign environment, however, is a challenge for most of them. As such, Integration Night organised by the Student Integration Committee (SIC) of the NTU Student Union (NTUSU) is one of the ways students could mingle around and forge new friendships.

Held on October 17 2019, Thursday, this annual Integration Night, the fun-filled Halloween-themed event – hosted at the Student Activities Centre (SAC) – gave students a well-deserved break from mid-terms and assignments, as they interacted with local and international students alike.

The event started at 7PM with the first 40 attendees receiving door gifts. However, it also had its own unique spin on things as every attendee was given a colour-coded wrist tag upon registration, which sorted them into different teams. To encourage the students to participate in the various booth games and activities, stamp cards were also given out, which would enable them to enter the lucky draw after completing enough activities to receive five stamps.

Integration Night 2019 games and activities
The fun games and activities allowed the students to bond with one another

Soon enough, the spooky atmosphere was interspersed with sounds of banter and shared laughter. While some students were belting out classics like Hey, Soul Sister and Bohemian Rhapsody during the mass karaoke session, others were getting to know one another over the games and finger food.

Staying true to the night’s horror theme, a thrilling escape room was also set up. Participants battled the likes of Pennywise and Joker as they crawled through wire barriers and collected word clues to escape.

A semester exchange student from Sweden, Amarildo, had come to the SAC for a game of table tennis. Intrigued by the décor, he decided to hang around for a while and ended up staying the whole night. “For me the escape room was the best activity. I was intending to explore one of these in Singapore,” he shared.

Integration Night 2019 halloween outfits
Students dressed up in spooky halloween outfits to complete the event

Another major highlight was the Halloween Contest. A few enthusiastic students came dressed as well-loved television and movie characters, such as Jake Peralta from the comedy series Brooklyn 99, and Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier from the Marvel series. A live vote via a poll on Instagram determined who took away the grand prize, and in the end, the student dressed as Bucky Barnes won it all.

Kshitij Jain, a first-year Mechanical Aerospace Engineering student, attended the event with his group of friends. Clinching second place in the Halloween Contest with his Jake Peralta costume, he said that he was glad to have dropped by the SAC and thoroughly enjoyed the night.

The group of 5 dressed up for the contest in style

The event concluded with the much-awaited lucky draw, where three lucky attendees went home with a Google Home Mini Speaker, an electric blender and a tote bag. To commemorate and remember the eventful night, students took polaroid pictures at the photo booth free of charge!

Integration Night 2019 photo booth
Students commemorated the night by taking polaroid pictures at the photobooth

Chua Kexin Rae, Chairperson of the SIC, was all smiles about the event and the turnout rate. Her team had painstakingly conceptualised the event and activities from scratch. “(Being) the first event organised by SIC this year, it was pretty hectic at the start. However, the experience has been very rewarding,” she revealed.

She was effusive in praising her committee and added: “The event would not have been possible without my committee working so tightly together. The overall success shows that (they) are very adaptable and are quick in responding to situations when needed!”

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