Nightmares On Nanyang Ave: Hall-ri-fying Stories

Written by: Jonathan Chew

For most of us, living on campus is one step into adulthood. Independent living comes with its own set of challenges and lessons, but oftentimes, we get to do it with friends who make hall stay much more fun and exciting. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky when it comes to roommates. In the spirit of Halloween this year, we’ve compiled some chilling tales starring roommates and neighbours that are so horrific – you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy.

Stained With Disbelief (Literally)

“It’s one thing to be comfortable with your flatmates. Complete strangers, however, should at least uphold some boundaries – not my flatmates during exchange, though.

When we first moved into the shared dorm, I kindly equipped the washroom with toilet rolls. But after a while, I noticed that the rest of my flatmates weren’t contributing the same way. I had only used the roll thrice before I found the entire roll empty. None of them was willing to go out and buy additional rolls themselves, so I got fed up and stopped providing the toilet rolls.

Little did I know that one of my flatmates, being too cheap to get her own toilet rolls, would decide to clean herself off in the sink after doing her big business. She even left the door open and waved at me nonchalantly when I made eye contact with her! As for my other flatmate, she decided to wash herself off in the bathtub – while she was on her period. I can still see the stains on it till today.” 

Painting (And Sticking) The Town Red

“Every month, one of the girls on my floor terrorises the rest of us by sticking her used pads (yes, with period blood still on it) everywhere in the toilet. Nowhere was spared: doors, on top of the sanitary bins, walls and even on the floor. Some of us have tried putting up signs and notices in the toilets telling her to stop, but to no avail.”

Undercover Activities

“After clubbing on a Friday night with my girlfriend, we returned back to hall for the night. My girlfriend followed me to my room to retrieve some of her belongings that she had left there previously. However, when we opened the door, my roommate was on his own bed and covered his body with a blanket that would not stop moving. We only realised what was happening the moment we looked at each other. I immediately closed the door and never talked about that particular incident with my roommate ever again. Today, I always make sure to knock before entering my room to prevent any similar things from happening again.”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Flooded With Despair

“My roommate and I were staying in one of the halls during the Freshmen Orientation Programme. We returned late one night after preparations for the next day, and were preparing to shower in the shared toilet, along with the people from the adjacent room sharing the same toilet.

However, the people from the adjacent room started banging on the wall, as if to say we had been really noisy even though we were not talking at all. When the banging stopped, we thought it was over. We were about to use the toilet when the same person started to flood our room through the gap below the toilet door with the hose in the toilet. We were really worried about whether the other person was in the right state of mind, so we requested a change of rooms immediately before complaining to the hall office the next day.”

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