Share The Happiness 2020: A NTUSU Welfare Donation Drive

Written by Zoe Zeng

What better way to give back to the community than to contribute much-needed funds and daily essentials to less fortunate children in Singapore? Held on February 20, 2020, Share The Happiness is an initiative by NTUSU’s Welfare Initiatives Committee to collect cash contributions and donation items for the beneficiaries of Singapore Children’s Society.

Share The Happiness 2020, held at Canopy Stage @ North Spine.

Held at Canopy K at North Spine, a wide array of donation items were accepted for collection. They included: cooking ingredients such as oil, sugar, salt and noodles, packet drinks, household items such as hand soap, garbage bags and bleach, as well as dry food items such as milo, biscuits and green beans. These everyday essentials can be purchased easily at stores, making the donation drive a highly accessible experience for all.

Students picking out unique envelopes that entitles them to random welfare goods.

Each donation entitles NTU staff and students to a sure-win ticket, which can then be exchanged for a random prize. Some of the exciting goodies that were up for grabs include a variety of welfare goodies like towels, foolscap paper and even cash vouchers!

Students were also encouraged to learn more about the Singapore Children’s Society’s work with their beneficiaries, as well as other ways they can lend a helping hand through the informative boards put up around Canopy-K.

A unique chance to contribute towards and learn more about the Singapore Children’s Society.

“I think this is a pretty meaningful initiative, getting to know what it was all about first made me want to chip in somehow”, said Audrey Lam, a student contributor. “It just feels good to get to extend a helping hand, especially towards these young children who need all the help they can get.”

We certainly agree – Share The Happiness has helped the Singapore Children’s Society spread the word of their mission and offer students and staff the gift of giving.

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