Not Sure Where To Study? We Got You Covered!

By Nicole Descalsota

With the end of the semester approaching, the exam period is in full swing. While fellow students begin to hole up in libraries across campus, you might be looking for a conducive place to study. 

For those trying to beat the library crowds, NTU Library has launched its new service, “NTU LibraryGoWhere”, that is sure to be useful for you!  

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted seating in school, limiting the already scarce library seats. However, NTU Library’s new initiative has made looking for a seat easier by displaying how crowded each of the seven NTU libraries is in real-time.  

Alongside the number of available seats, the crowd is indicated in three colours: red for very crowded, yellow for some crowd, and green for not crowded.  

Everyone hates a wasted trip, so NTU LibraryGoWhere service makes sure you have a seat to chope before you even arrive at the library. This is especially convenient for those who are making their way from far outside school.  

You can visit and bookmark the webpage here.

But if you’re looking for somewhere outside the libraries to study at, here are four spots that are sure to get you in your best mugging groove!  

  1. Student Activities Centre  
Spaces for casual studying and recreation are adjacent in the Students’ Activity Centre. Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota 

The Student Activities Centre (SAC) sits under the ever-crowded Lee Wee Nam Library at North Spine. It is an air-conditioned space for students to study or engage in recreational activities. 

Unlike traditional workspaces decked with the usual tables and chairs, the SAC takes a more casual approach to its setup, with long sofas and comfortable couches spread across the area.  

If you feel restricted by the classroom setup, the SAC would be a good fit for you. It is also located near many eateries at North Spine, where students can walk over to grab a bite while taking a break from revision. 

The SAC is open on weekdays from 11:30AM to 8:30PM.

  1. The Arc  
The ARC incorporates technology into its design to promote sustainability of resources. Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota
The Arc’s first floor and study areas are spacious and usually have a lot of free seats. Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota

Located next to the North Spine, The Arc is a spacious, open concept building known for its futuristic design. As its location is more secluded, crowds do not come by often.  

The Arc is NTU’s second learning hub that has many study benches. Its open concept lets in plenty of natural light, providing a great environment for studying.  

For those who prefer a cooler atmosphere, The Arc’s tutorial rooms are open for use. Even without prior booking, students are free to come in and study, as long as there are no prior bookings or scheduled tutorials.  

As each of the 56 tutorial rooms seats at least 30 people, there should be no problem nabbing a seat in the building.  

The Arc is open on weekdays only, from 8:30AM to 8:30PM. 

  1. Art, Design & Media (ADM) School Building 
ADM Building has many study areas overlooking the majestic view of the building’s architecture. Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota 
ADM Building has many study areas overlooking the majestic view of the building’s architecture. Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota 

Two words: fully air-conditioned.  

A picture-perfect view of the building’s architecture can be seen from any study area in the building. It provides students with a momentary sense of relief and tranquillity during the seemingly endless study sessions, motivating them to push on. 

The ADM library also remains fairly uninhabited throughout the day. Even during the busiest hours in the afternoon, the library has many unfilled seats for students to occupy.  

Beyond its gorgeous space for the perfect productive study session, the ADM building is also worth a walk-around. If you happen to have a class around the area, do consider stopping by to do your revision in the building.  

Before the school closes, make sure to visit the roof! At night, the building glows like a lantern, giving the place an ethereal feel. It’s the perfect view to reward yourself with after long hours of continuous studying.  

The library at ADM is open on weekdays from 8:30AM to 9:30PM, while the school closes at 10:30PM.

  1. NTU Innovation Centre 
Students often bring their laptops along to get some work done at Connect71 while getting their energy refills.
Photo credit: Marielle Descalsota  

The NTU Innovation Centre has a few empty storeys that can be used as study areas. But aside from housing NTU’s industrial projects, the highlight of the NTU Innovation Centre for students is its café, Connect71.  

In the building neighbouring The Arc and North Spine, the student-run café is a good place to take a break and have a meal before returning to the gruelling hours of mugging. The café is always filled with students discussing school life and projects over a warm Japanese rice bowl while sipping freshly brewed coffee.  

However, the space only hosts 70 people, so make sure to come early to avoid lunch and dinner crowds!  

The Innovation Centre is open on weekdays from 9:30AM to 5PM while Connect71 closes at 7PM.

NTUSU is also proud to announce that in addition to SAC, the Global Lounge and North Spine reading rooms, Metis, Athena and Minerva will be opened to serve your study needs.  

To properly accommodate the number of students hustling for finals in school, these rooms will be open on weekdays from 11:30AM to 8:30PM until Dec 4. You may find the full address of these study rooms on campus here.  

We hope that you’ll find these spaces as great as we do! Ultimately, what’s more important than the location you pick out is the people you study with and how you approach your work. While finding the best study spot, make sure you remain considerate to other students who want to use certain school facilities, especially when you are no longer using them. 

Wherever on campus you may be, NTUSU would like to wish everyone many productive study sessions during this exam period!  

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