Valentine Volunteering: The True Gift of Love

Written by Natalie Oh

The phrase “Valentine’s Day” has become synonymous with crimson roses, chocolates and dinner dates. Couples treat the 14th of February as an obligatory day for declaring love to their partner.

Yes, love is wonderful and there’s nothing wrong with making Valentine’s Day an exclusive occasion for you and your significant other. But why not use this day to extend that warmth to others in society as well? 

For me, I have always advocated spreading love to those who need it more. This belief is even more essential especially during these unprecedented times brought about by the pandemic. So, this Valentine’s Day, you can consider giving back to the community!  

I have compiled a list of some charitable activities below.    

Voluntary Activities to Make Someone’s Valentine’s Better  

Feed the Needy with Willing Hearts Singapore  

One of the most volunteer-dependent organizations, Willing Hearts, operates a soup kitchen that runs all year-round. Volunteers at Willing Hearts tirelessly prepare, cook and distribute over 9,500 meals to the elderly and underprivileged daily. They deliver this food to over 40 locations islandwide. Since it is wholly run by volunteers, help is always needed to sustain this cycle of love.  

Preparing ingredients is a key step | Credit: @ Willing Hearts  

Previously, I volunteered at Willing Hearts and trust me, all the energy and effort put into preparing meals was worthwhile. Knowing that a packet of caifan made with love would fuel someone else for the day just made my heart full. This Valentine’s Day, bring your significant other or perhaps even a friend and volunteer with Willing Hearts for an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

For more information, do check out their website to book a slot with them 

Help homes with Project Hills – a ground-up initiative that assists tenants of rental housing estates  

Project Hills is a ground-up initiative that was founded during the Circuit Breaker period in 2020. Its founders strive to help tenants of rental housing estates.  

Volunteers tirelessly shifting old furniture for the residents | Credit: @ Project Hills  

The work they do is intense but impactful to the lives of these underprivileged tenants. Team members unfailingly organise regular on-site visits on the weekends, fundraising programmes and delivery of essentials to these individuals. As Valentine’s Day 2021 opportunely coincides with their weekly volunteering schedule, you can consider joining the team as a volunteer for the day to help extend their outreach!  

For more information, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook page. Donations are highly appreciated as well! 

Sending Love letters with #CraftForGood (Social Distancing Edition)  

If you love craft making, consider channeling your art skills to making Valentine’s Day themed cards for the communities at Moral Welfare Home and the THK Home for Disabled @ Sembawang. As volunteers are not allowed to visit their target communities in-person this year due to COVID-19, the team from #CraftForGood by Be Kind SG decided to start an initiative of accepting mail-in Valentine’s cards in hopes of keeping spirits up and reminding these vulnerable individuals that they are loved.  

Make someone’s day with a lovely Valentine’s card! | Credit: @ Giving.SG 

#CraftForGood welcomes as many entries to their beloved friends as possible. As they have elegantly put it, a simple card is a thoughtful gift that can spread joy beyond our circles to those who could use an extra smile. 

 If you would like to drop a kind message or two and make someone’s day a little better, head over to this link to find out how to mail your cards!  

Make your pledge here. 

Join a Grocery Pop-Up Stall with Smiles Salam SG 

It is not common to see a grocery pop-up stall around the neighbourhood, but Smiles Salam SG has done it! They organise initiatives in providing accessible and charitable groceries for low-income families around neighborhoods in Bedok and Yishun.  

Paying it forward in groceries with Smiles Salam SG | Credit : City of Good  

Starting out as an organisation that holds volunteer trips to Cambodia, Smiles Salam SG has since organised over 8 pop-up stalls, as well as grocery distributions to the elderly. This Valentine’s Day, the team is organising another pop-up stall that aims to target as many beneficiaries as possible.

Stay tuned on their Instagram page @smilessalamSG as well their Facebook page to find out how you can contribute to this event!  

Fundraising Organisations that Help to Bridge the Gap

Find a campaign to support at Giving.SG  

If there’s one organisation at the center of all philantrophic activities, that would be On Valentine’s Day, head over to their website to look through their list of events and campaigns. Choose one (or more if you can, please don’t limit your capacity to love!) that resonates the most to you and place your donations for the respective campaign. You can also consider donating to the annual Flag Day, which is held from 16 January to 28 February 2021! Remember, any amount – big or small – goes a long way!  

Check out for more at 

Hand-Me-Down ( your Love) to The Salvation Army  

The Salvation Army is known as a charitable organisation that cares for the underprivileged through an extensive network of social services. The most impactful way to help communities in need is through donations where funds will be used for social programmes, as well as daily necessities such as clothing, food and household goods.  

Touching people’s lives since 1935 | Credit: @ The Salvation Army  

Save a life at the Red Cross Society Singapore  

The greatest love of all in the world is to give life. By donating your blood, you can possibly save someone else’s life especially during medical emergencies where a small bag of it can make a huge difference. This Valentine’s Day, visit one of the blood donations drives to give your blood to someone that needs it! 

Save lives today by donating your blood! | Credit : @ Red Cross  

But do remember to check that you are eligible for blood donation before registering for their session. Visit their website for more details. 

These are just some of the few initiatives in Singapore that need our support. While love is in the air, compassion goes the extra mile. Hopefully, with this article, you’ll be inspired to touch more lives!  

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