Meow! Introducing the Cats of NTU

 By Tan Yi Shuen Merlene 

I am sure many of us have seen our adorable campus cats. Wandering through corridors, lounging under the shade of a tree and always looking for some attention, these furry felines add joy to our lives. Just being able them a good scratch behind the ear can instantly brighten up a bad day! 

Keen to get to know each of them better? Let us introduce you to the cats of NTU.   

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A sleepy Doritos at Crespion.  

Featured in the photo above is Doritos. This is his fourth year at NTU and he loves hanging out at Crespion! Chilling and simply looking adorable are Doritos’ favourite activities.  

And no, this is not Nachos. Nachos is another cat who roams around Hall Five. Though they look alike, do not mistake Doritos for Nachos. (Side Note: If you see Nachos do let @ntucmn know. He has been missing for more than three months.) 

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The Lion King (Simba) at North Hill basking under the sun with his creamy, golden fur.

Can you feel the love tonight? Next up is our beloved North Hill Lion King, Simba. Simba was given his majestic name due his leonine appearance. He is a cat with a strong sense of responsibility – he  guards the printers at North Hill, sleeping right in front of it.  Never letting anyone get past him, Simba is a great guard cat for sure!  

I heard many people commenting that Simba has been getting a little pudgy recently… While we all love our furry friends, please do not feed them! The volunteers of the NTU Cat Management Network (CMN) are responsible for providing them with the food they need.  

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Minerva and her food provided by the friendly volunteers from CMN. 

Now, here we have Minerva. Rumour has it that if you call out the name “Professor McGonagall” (a Harry Potter character), she may respond to you! Despite being a resident of Hall 15 for years, Minerva isn’t the best at recognising people. She is, however, a charming cat with beautiful eyes.  

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What has caught Queen Xiaohei’s attention?

Moving on to Minerva’s neighbour, this is Xiaohei. Xiaohei is regarded by many as the cat queen because of her regal poise and elegance. Living at Hall 14, she is infamous for being a picky eater too. Nevertheless, you will often see her at Hall 14 asking for food. 

For more updates on the cats, how to become a volunteer and information on adoption, do follow NTU CMN on Facebook and Instagram (@ntucmn). NTU CMN is a cat welfare CCA. They ensure that campus cats enjoy a safe environment and educate students on cat care and behaviour. On top of that, they rescue community cats that are injured or sick. 

CMN would also like to reiterate that the club is NOT a shelter. NTU is surrounded by forested area and there have been sightings of stray dogs and wild boars on campus. It is extremely dangerous, cruel and irresponsible to abandon your cats in an unfamiliar environment. Pets are a lifetime commitment, so please, be responsible and be kind.  

A big thank you to CMN for showing your tender-loving care towards our cats in NTU! 

* Photos courtesy of NTU Cat Management Network. 

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