NTUSU 30th Anniversary Writing Competition Merit Winner: “The Art of Fine Sushi”

By Goay Si Qi

Laid in a supine position by her Itamae[1]

She was contemplated and considered

With a knife held by a pair of delicate hands

Each piece was chosen


She was carved, not disfigured

With every incision

Deep beneath the dermis

lies traces of fatty, perky desires


To her intimate diagnosis

It was integrity and honour

To provide with the finest

So that she will be favoured


She was reborn with clingy grains and shredded daikon[2] on her,

They supplement, but she knew

Her rawness

would have sufficed as an exquisite one


Clothed in her robe of muted opulence

She uttered


I am best consumed

with a cup of warm sake[3]

But do not

Dip me in shoyu[4]


[1] Skilled sushi chef

[2] White radish often served as thin strips in a salad or as a garnish, has a very mild flavor.

[3] Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice

[4] Soy sauce made from fermented soybeans. It is used lightly only to accent other flavors.


‘The Art of Fine Sushi’ is one of the award-winning poems submitted for the NTUSU 30th Anniversary Writing Competition, organised by the Editorial Committee. To read the other entries, check out our website and the latest print issue of U-Insight!