Which Hall Fits You Best? Here’s the Lowdown on the A-Z of Hall Cultures

By Audrey Chew

It’s that time of the year again when freshmen set foot in NTU, excited for what’s to come in the next chapter of their lives.  A huge part of university life for some is hall life. Though most of you may not be able to choose which hall to stay in, it’s always good to know what each hall has in store for you! And you’ll be more prepared when the allocation result comes in.  

Hall culture, as defined by many hall residents, is a set of unique traditions and practices. To learn more about the culture of each hall and its iconic celebrations, we spoke to 23 Hall presidents.  We also rounded up recent events organised by Hall Councils to bring residents closer despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

Events common across all halls are Cultural Night, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Night Cycling and Exam Welfare. However, some halls prefer to go the extra mile and organise more activities important to them.  

At the time of publication, we could not reach a representative from Hall 2. If you would like to learn more about Hall 2, click here

The second oldest hall in NTU – Hall 1, is the largest. The hall structure is designed to have residential blocks facing one another on its hilly terrain so that residents can get to know their neighbours and community better. Taking pride in their kampong spirit, Hall 1 President, Alex, fondly recalls pre-COVID moments where residents used to shout across blocks to say hello.

Hall 1 residents can enjoy a variety of sports, performing arts and recreational activities. Here’s a fun fact: Unlike most halls, Hall 1 does not celebrate their hall anniversary on the same day every year. They usually celebrate it together with Dinner & Dance (D&D) which is held in semester two!

What ‘s fun at Hall 1:  

  • Uniqkidz 
Hall 1 Uniqkidz Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 1 
Uniqkidz is a two-day initiative during Winter Break where residents can volunteer and enjoy fun activities with the children from a childcare centre. 
  • Supper Hop 
  • S.T.A.R.S. Theatre production 
  • Joint-Hall Halloween Collaboration 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Online Mid-Autumn Celebration  
  • Welfare night  
  • Christmas Treasure Hunt 

The online Christmas event featured an interactive skit, Jamband performances and a photo competition in collaboration with Crescent Hall.  

  • Chinese New Year
  • Facebook Live Sale for Hall Merchandise 
  • Hall 1 Games 
  • Hall 1 Flea Market 

Residents get to sell their pre-loved or brand-new items at the flea market.

Another fun fact: Hall 1 is known to have cute orientation groups! Their four orientation groups are based on cartoons – Disney, Garfios, Simpsons and Chipmunks. If you are looking for a homely residence without especially heavy social commitments, Hall 1 is the one for you. 

 Hall 1 Orientation Group, Garfios Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 1 

P.S. Alex poses a challenge for incoming Freshmen to find Block 12 in 15 minutes.

Check out Hall 1 on their Instagram: @halloners 

This the home of the all-rounders – Hall 3 excels in sports, cultural and recreational activities. Their champion status for Inter-Hall Games (IHG), Inter-Hall Recreational Games (IHRG) and Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC) says it all. With a long history of alumni returning to Hall 3 to support the Freshmen Orientation Programme and coach the various clubs, this hall is packed with spirit and experience. 

Following their motto “we do what we please, as proud as can be”, Hall 3’s residents take immense pride pursuing their interests and participating in their wide variety of activities and ad hoc committees.  

 What to look for: 

  • International Food Night  

The Hall Council sets up live cooking stations and residents can gather to appreciate cuisines from different cultures. However, to accommodate to Safe Management Measures, they delivered pre-packed bento sets with prata, Ramly burger and traditional Nyonya kuehs to residents.

  • Elite Night Cycling  
  • Yellow Tee Day  

The biggest event in Hall 3 brings all residents together to celebrate their contributions to hall. All residents will unabashedly don their trademarked yellow tee.  Plus, the iconic shirt banner will hang across Blocks 3B and 3C.  

Hall 3 Yellow Tee Day Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 3 

Residents can look forward to arcade games, food stations, performances and many more! Last academic year, they even had free Bober Tea for residents. This is also when the annual Hall Appreciation Dinner happens, where they give special mentions and thanks to prominent members of the Hall. 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures):  

  • Cultural Night: ELEC3FY 
  • Back-to-School Initiative 
  • Hall 3 Bingo and interactive questionnaires
  • Block Welfare Packs 

Block Representatives engage residents on a more personal level and prepare block welfare packs as motivation for final examinations. 

Check out Hall 3 on their website https://hall-3.weebly.com/ or their instagram @ntuhall3 

Looking for a scenic room? Situated right next to the Yunnan Garden, Hall 4 boasts one of the best views. Hall 4 is also known to make hall life a homely one – everyone is a part of this big family.  

 In fact, what makes Hall 4 a truly caring and heartwarming place is how they share their love and appreciation for one another. Residents would go to the extent of preparing a board full of thank-you notes for the staff and cleaners. This hospitality extends further to their hall cats where they held a memorial service for the recent passing of their hall cat, Cola.  

Hall 4 came in fourth place overall during the last IHRG. If you are looking for a competitive hall to hone your sports skills, Hall 4 is perfect for you! 

 What’s fun at Hall 4: 


Residents are invited to share their unique skills with one another such as mobile photography, miniature figurine painting and guitar techniques.

Hall4Teach Lessons Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 4

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Hall Anniversary 
  • Cultural Night 
  • Christmas Mystery Pack 
  • Chinese New Year 
  • Hall Appreciation Week 

 Fun Fact: Hall 4 residents are called Ohmers! 

Check out Hall 4 on their website http://webx.ntu.edu.sg/hall4/index-2.html or on Instagram @ntuhall4 

Boasting the largest rooms in NTU, Hall 5 has clear and wide windows that allow natural sunlight in. 

On top of that, Hall 5 is also conveniently located just opposite the overhead bridge that spans across the expressway, leading you to Extension – one of the popular support spots for NTU students. This makes supper dates much more convenient, and it is definitely one of the highlights of Hall 5! 

What’s fun at Hall 5:  

  • CashFlow event 

Residents gain knowledge of financial planning through the board game Cashflow 

  • FiVer’s Upcycling Market 
  • Splash! 

Splash! 2019 Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 5 

All Main Committee members in Hall 5 will be invited to Sentosa for a special bonding session between committees. 

  • FiVer’s Night Life event
    Back To School event in Semester 2 

FiVer’s Night Life Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 5 

Notable events in the past year (with Safe Management Measures in place): 

  • Online FiVer’s Night Life 
  • Online Chinese New Year event 

Fun Fact: Most Hall 5 residents tend to have experience with Mahjong despite not having any Mahjong-related clubs.  

 Check out Hall 5 on their website http://webx.ntu.edu.sg/hall5/ or on Instagram @ntuhallfive 

With its close proximity to the Sports Recreation Centre (SRC), Hall 6 prides itself on its performance in sports and IHG. Known as the sports hall, Hall 6 attracts many sports players and if you are looking to become more active, Hall 6 is for you.  

Other than sports, though, Hall 6 seeks to pursue excellence in other aspects too. Residents are welcome to join any interest group, with or without experience. Hall 6 has a supportive culture where residents encourage one another to participate, and they are always the first to start the drums and cheer on their teams during competitions. Prioritising progress over victory, Hall 6 believes in growing together as a family. 

What’s fun at Hall 6:  

  • Hall Anniversary

On this special evening, Sixers will take a trip down memory lane and celebrate their journey together as #onehallsix

  • Past versus Present, PVP  

Alumnus return during winter break to compete with current hall players and coach them for IHG 

  • Halloween 

Hall 6 stole the show last year with their Halloween decorations which spooked many passers-by. Look forward to Hall 6’s Halloween if you happen to be around! 

  • Retreat Week – Hall 6’s Latest Initiative! 

Hall 6’s Retreat Week Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 6 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Chinese New Year 
  • Back To School Welfare Pack Collection  

Free Koi Bubble Tea and Krispy Kreme donuts for residents 

  • Valentines’ Day 
  • Hexis Theatre Production 
  • Minute To Win It! 

Residents compete minute-long challenges and stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes. 

  • Exam Welfare Pack 

 Check out Hall 6 on Instagram @ntuhall6 or visit linktr.ee/ntuhallsix for more information. 

Hall 7 is currently located at Meranti Hall. It shifted from its standalone building near South Spine.  

One of their biggest events is SRDC night, a tryout session where 22 sports teams, 10 recreational games, hall dance Sevvy and hall cheer Jaegers come together to recruit freshmen.  

In 31 years of its history, Hall 7 emerged sports champions for 3 years, cheerleading champions for 4 years, netball champions for 12 years and Scrabbles champions for 2 years.  

 What’s Fun at Hall 7: 

  • Alumni Homecoming 

Alumnus will return to the various interest groups and kickstart the Interhall Games during the winter break. 

  • Thank You Dinner  

Recognising the efforts of different interest groups for their year-round contribution, an annual dinner will be held at the end of the academic year to award prizes to various captains and players and sum up the year with a video montage. 

  • Seven Overseas Expedition 
  • Minimar7 

Hall 7’s very own minimart which opens from 9PM to 11PM, Sundays to Thursdays. 

Hall 7 Minimar7 Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 7 

  • Prometheus Theatre Productions 
  • Freshmen Orientation Programme 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Exam Welfare and Games Night  

Organised both physical and online games while setting up live gelato stations and distributing welfare packs to residents. 

  • Angel & Mortal 
  • Cultural Night and Instagram Dance Challenge 
  • Chinese New Year: Trials of The Ox (Inter-Hall event) 
  • Back2School 

Hall 7 Food Collection during Back2School Event Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 7 

Check out Hall 7 on Instagram @ntuhall7 or visit linktr.ee/hallse7en for more information.

Known for their dance club, Srethgie, Hall 8 boasts of strong dance culture. Many of Hall 8’s dancers have been dancing since a young age and they double up as members of the Cultural Activities Club’s (CAC) dance club.  

Though joining them may sound intimidating, Hall 8 always welcomes new and inexperienced members, giving a safe space for dancers to grow. Other than Srethgie, Hall 8 also has two music groups: Jamband and Sing & Strum. Both groups dabble in a variety of music genres, bringing amazing tunes to every hall event. 

Seniors and alumni often return to Hall 8 during Freshmen Orientation, Hall Council Rally, Dinner and Dance, Performing Arts showcase and more. It has inspired many like Wing Tin, Hall 8’s President, to pay it forward and help incoming freshmen to feel more included. 

What’s fun at Hall 8: 

  • Srethgie 

Eighters spelt backwards is the name of Hall 8’s dance crew. 

  • 8-11 

Hall 8’s ministore selling ice-cream and hall jerseys. 

  • Rojak Day  

This is a hybrid event combining Mid-Autumn Festival and Deepavali.

Hall 8 Sari Walk Activity during Rojak Day Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 8 

  • Cultural Night 
  • Night Cycling 
  • 8-to-8 Supper Hop 

Residents would go around different supper spots, sing karaoke and visit game cafes from 8PM to 8AM.  

  • Staff Appreciation Day  

In previous batches, residents showed their appreciation for cleaner aunties and uncles through video messages, gifts, and catered food. Residents also volunteered to take over some of their responsibilities for a day. 

Eighter cleaning during Staff Appreciation Day Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 8 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Back-to-School Event 

Residents dressed in their alma-mater uniforms and participated in games and competitions. 

Eighters during Back2School Event Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 8 

  • Christmas Giveaway 
  • Chinese New Year 

Best Dressed Competition and Pomelo Peeling Competition 

  • Friendship Day 
  • Dinner & Dance Theme Week 
  • Cultural Night 
  • Exam Welfare Pack & Inter-Block Games 

Check them out on Instagram @ntuhall8 or visit linktr.ee/ntuhall8 

Known for their friendly atmosphere, Hall 9 residents can take it easy and enjoy activities at their own pace. Some Hall 9 residents even feel comfortable enough to leave their doors unlocked – that’s how homey the hall is!  

Hall 9 has a very chill culture in the sense that residents do not have to feel pressured when they join hall activities, especially if they are just starting out. Though Hall 9 is not known to have a specific niche, this does not mean they aren’t competitive! Here’s a fun fact: they used to be winners at IHRG for 11 consecutive years. 

 What’s fun at Hall 9: 

  • Cloud Nine  

They have a strong dance community which encourages residents who are new to dance to participate. Many residents like Hall 9 President, Jamie, have made new friends through dance. 

  • 9 to 5  

Residents would hang out at Jurong East from 9PM to 5AM singing karaoke, ice skating and eating supper 

  • Taste of the world 

Hall 9’s very own amazing race for food on a day trip to different local food spots. 

  • Mega fest 

Before Covid-19 regulations kicked in, Hall 9 used to celebrate their birthday with a carnival where they set up a bouncing castle, dunking machine, lucky draw and a huge Hall 9 cake. 

Hall 9 Birthday Cake and Bouncy Castle during Mega Fest Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 9 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Chinese New Year 
  • Angel & Mortal 
  • Welfare Supper 

Hall Council Members would help deliver food to residents from Jurong Point or Jurong East to Hall residents. 

  • Christmas 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival

Hall 9 Mid-Autumn Festival Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 9 

Fun Fact: Hall 9 is a hot spot for wildlife as it is located right behind a forested area. If you are comfortable with animals, being there would be a great opportunity to see them. 

 Check out Hall 9 on Instagram @ntuhall9 

Located near four different food courts, Hall 10 residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to food. Yet, many of them still cook their own meals. And the fragrant smell of food wafting in the air is not all that makes them unique.  

Hall 10 has a kampong-like culture born from genuine care for one another: residents would often rush to keep each other’s laundry whenever it rains and mix around with others who were not part of their groups at the Hall Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC).  

As champions of Touch Rugby and second position-holders for Basketball in the most recent IHG, Hall 10 is one of the best Halls for active players in those sports to grow! 

 What’s fun at Hall 10: 

  • Back To School or XXX Event 

Get-together event during recess week in Semester One where they will get a bouncy castle onto the compound. 

  • Supper hop 

Buses will be chartered to bring residents out to famous supper spots to have supper. Once, they even rented a whole prata shop for one of their stops. 

  • Flex your flags  

Flag design competition to decorate an A2 canvas flags. 

  • Memes Competition  
  • Hall Anniversary 

Bringing in three carnival hits – the popcorn machine, candy floss machine and the claw machine. 

  • Touch Rugby (Champions for IHG’19/20) 
  • Basketball (1st Runner-Up for IHG’19/20) 

Hall 10’s Back To School Event Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 10 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Back To School Event 

After residents returned from winter break, Hall 10 would provide free salted egg buttermilk chicken from Jia Yuen Eating House. The hall also held online competitions and treasure hunts.  

  • Chinese New Year 
    Free Traditional Snacks from Joy Luck Teahouse. 
  • Inter-OG Games 
  • Exam Welfare Pack 
  • Halloween 

Hall 10’s Exam Welfare Pack Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 10 

Hall 10’s Halloween Dress Up Competition Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 10 

Fun Fact: 

Hall 10 got their D&D Committee to model for their hall merchandise ever since the physical D&D was cancelled. 

 Check out Hall 10 on Instagram @ntuhall10 or visit their website www.ntuhall10.com for more information.

Know about the annual 11.11 sales on ecommerce sites? Hall 11 celebrates their anniversary on that same day! It would be safe to say that the crowd at Hall 11 is fun-loving.  

Here’s an exclusive fun fact for you: At the end of every FOC, there will be a war game that is kept a secret from outsiders. The most we know about this tradition is that it is a rite of passage hidden from others and passed down from one batch to the next. 

 What’s fun at Hall 11: 

  • Halloween 
  • Inter-Block Games: QR Hunt 

Hall 11 coded a mobile application just for the event! Residents had to find QR codes and answer various questions to earn weapons or inventory to win the other blocks. This inter-block event lasted throughout the academic year, with small or big events every other week, which residents looked forward to fortnightly. 

  • Freshmen Orientation Camp

Hall 11 Hall Olympiad’19/20 Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 11 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures):  

  • Inter-Block Games 
  • Cultural Night 
  • Chinese New Year  
  • Hall Night 2021 
  • Exam Welfare Pack 
  • Halloween 

Hall 11 Halloween/ Assaxin 2020 Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 11 

Fun Fact: According to Owen, Hall 11’s President, Canteen 11 has the best cai fan in NTU. Maybe you can try it out and let us know! 

Check out Hall 11 on Instagram @hallxi 

Known as the social hall, Hall 12 often held gatherings within the different orientation groups where residents socialised and hung out in each other’s rooms. This party-loving bunch also used to host a house party at Changi Village Ferry Point Chalet every year. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, many traditional Hall 12 gatherings and events were cancelled.  

 What’s fun at Hall 12: 

  • Freshmen Orientation Camp 
  • Party Time 

Hall Outing to a pottery or painting café   

  • Supper hop  
  • Christmas  

During Christmas, they’ll book a whole bar to themselves to socialize and celebrate the special occasion. 

  • Day Out 

Axe throwing or Augmented Reality experience at an external venue. 

Hall XII Christmas Party 2019 Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 12 

Hall 12 Exam Welfare Supper Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 12 

SL12MBERLAND PARTY Image Credit: NTU Hall of Residence 12 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Halloween-themed Exam welfare event  

Dress up competition for residents 

  • Hybrid Chinese New Year 

Lucky draw & games in collaboration with Hall 3. 

  • Exam Welfare Supper 
  • SL12MBERLAND Party 
  • Theme Week 

Fun Fact: Due to residents’ outgoing nature, many alumni still keep in touch with the hall. One of them even became a sponsor for Hall 12! Furthermore, when you graduate from Hall 12, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to be a part of their alumni group Friends With 12 Benefits, or FW12B. 

 Check out Hall 12 on Instagram @ntuhall12 

Located right beside canteen 13, Hall 13 residents can easily access the only Mookata and Lok Lok stalls in NTU. Although Hall 13 might initially come off as a hall without a particularly rich culture, this might just be one of its most endearing points – anyone can fit in!  

Hall 13’s President encourages freshmen to explore new initiatives and start their own interest groups. The council will then support and link them up to the school and utilise on school resources. One of Hall 13’s residents even got to start their own weekly yoga classes in the function room.

Bon Bon Mook Mook Image Credit: Mehmehfoodadventure 

Bon Bon Lok Lok Image Credit: Mehmehfoodadventure 

What’s fun at Hall 13: 

  • Cultural Night & Hall Birthday 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Art jamming  
  • Valentine’s Day  
  • Exam Welfare Supper 
  • Awards Night 
  • Inter-block E-Games 
  • Online challenges 

These allowed small groups of people to collaborate remotely and gave them a chance to win exciting prizes such as a JBL Bluetooth speaker and an air-fryer. 

  • Creeps Night/ Halloween  

To celebrate the spooky occasion, residents got to dress up in Halloween costumes and decorate their doors to win attractive prizes. 

 Check out Hall 13 on Instagram @ntuhall13 or visit linktr.ee/NTUHall13H

Entering Hall 14 means integrating into their long-standing tradition of ‘bloodlines’ – four distinct orientation groups with similar spirit to houses in Harry Potter! Each group has a unique characteristic – Draco, the competitive one; Hydrus, the humorous one; Apus, the fun one and Delphi, the friendly one.  

Other than the strong group identities, residents also have the tradition of wearing costumes for Halloween, celebrating Christmas at their barbecue pit, and having louhei and steamboats with hall friends and professors during Chinese New Year. 

What To Look For:  

  • Hall Appreciation Dinner (Mystery Theme) 

The hall council will jazz up the function hall to thank residents who have contributed to Hall 14. The Mystery Theme will only be revealed the moment residents step inside. Themes for the past years ranged from Narnia to Harry Potter. 

  • XIV 20 (Hall 14’s 20th Anniversary) 
  • Freshmen Orientation Programme 
  • Men’s Volleyball (Champions of IHG’19/20) 
  • Women’s Softball (1st Runner-Up of IHG’19/20) 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Block Supper 
  • Chinese New Year 
  • Christmas Celebration 

Even though it was during the winter break, the hall council set up a photobooth, organised gift exchanges and even a TikTok dance competition. 

  • Halloween 
  • Exam Welfare Pack

Fun Fact: Hall 14 is a rising star when it comes to performance in sports and recreational games. Their men’s volleyball team clinched first place; women’s softball achieved first runner-up while they have been undefeated champions in Contract Bridge for the past two years. 

 Check out Hall 14 on Instagram @ntuhall14 or visit linktr.ee/ntuhall14 

Hall 15 is one of the more laid-back halls that seeks to celebrate everyday moments without any grand festivities. There is no pressure to commit to clubs or interest groups. Residents are free to pursue external commitments or focus on their academic work without worrying too much about having to meet expectations. 

 What’s fun at Hall 15: 

  • Chinese New Year Steamboats 

One of the livelier events in hall where residents can gather and enjoy the festive hotpot together. 

  • Freshmen Orientation Programme 

 Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures):  

  • Back To XV 

Back To XV is the grandest event in Hall 15. It offers loads of welfare treats and an exciting line-up of Jamband performances featuring 2000s tunes and Nintendo Switch Challenges, 

  • Welfare Week 
  • Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 
  • Scare Week 

Horror Film Screening, Escape Room, Photo Booth and Competitions 

  • Christmas Gift Exchange & Santa Giveaway  

Check out Hall 15 on Instagram @hallxv or visit their website www.hallxv.weebly.com 

Recognised for its strong performance of its cultural groups, Hall 16’s dance Strawberry Stretch and cheer Team Xtreme have earned themselves champion status at dance competitions for two consecutive years. Hall 16 attracts many passionate performers and puts up jaw-dropping performances every HOCC and IHCC. Not forgetting their sports and recreational scene – they have also actively recced-in excellent players who share their expertise to help the team grow.  

Furthermore, being nestled right in the heart of NTU puts Hall 16 in a prime location – the blocks are within walking distance to ADM, NIE, MSE and North Spine. Many SSM or NIE students love to be in Hall 16 because it is less than 5 minutes away from the NIE building.  

 What’s fun at Hall 16: 

  • Freshmen Orientation Camp 
  • Boarding Call 
  • Hall Cluster Halloween 

Live performances by Jambands within the hall cluster at Hall 12 Amphitheatre and Haunted House Set-up at Hall 12 Function Hall. 

  • Open Mic 
  • Knight Cycling 

 Notable events in the past year: 

  • Angel & Motal 
  • Chinese New Year 

Being forced to do away with the traditional hotpot gatherings, their Hall Council focused instead on the prosperous and lucky nature of the occasion with attractive prizes such as a Mirval Projector! 

  • Hall Day 
  • Games Day 
  • Cultural Night 
  • Exam Welfare 

 Check out Hall 16 on Instagram @ntuhallxvi  

Tanjong Hall, with only four years of history, is still writing their Tanjong Story. This means that they do not have long-preserving traditions and legacies like other halls. On the bright side though, residents can actively participate to shape the hall identity on this blank canvas.  

At Tanjong, they prioritise everyone’s well-being and ensure that there is a strong support system where every single resident is accounted for. Despite strict Safe Management Measures forcing many halls to downscale events, Tanjong has taken the opportunity to focus on bonding residents together in smaller groups and introduced Floor Family where residents can connect with their immediate neighbours. This has helped residents tide through difficult periods such as lockdown and Heightened Alert phases.  

 What’s fun at Tanjong Hall:  

  • Hall Birthday 

Tanjong celebrates its anniversary every October and residents will come together to sing Happy Birthday to Tanjong together! For the special occasion, residents submit photos or videos to #RediscoverTanjong and these will be compiled into a montage. 

  • Women’s Softball Team (Champions in IHG’19/20) 
  • Royals Dance Crew (huge improvement from last placing to 13th within a year) 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Cultural Night III: Meliora 
  • Exam Welfare Night 
  • North Hill Lunar New Year 

Fun Fact: Tanjong Hall residents are called Jongs Jongs.  

 Check out Tanjong Hall on Instagram @ntutanjonghall20 or visit linktr.ee/TanjongHall20 

Binjai Hall has a plethora of events that take place over the academic year, ensuring that residents always have something to look forward to. Besides cluster events, Binjai Hall has one of the most generous welfare committees, providing residents everything from açai to Nine Fresh!  

Being one of the North Hill Halls, they normally hold two large-scale annual cross-hall events as one North Hill.  

 What’s fun at Binjai Hall: 

  • North Hill Games 

Showcase athletes’ skills and their excellent sportsmanship. The friendly competition with neighbouring halls brings together great players which allows them to learn from one another. 

  • North Hill Lunar New Year Celebrations  

Fosters inter-hall interaction and brings the celebratory mood to a high.  

  • Binjai Aware 

Residential Education Workshop that educates residents on social causes such as environmental conservation and more.   

  • International Chess (Top 4 for International Chess Game two years in a row) 
  • Eleventh Hour (3rd Place for FUSE’20/21) 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Binjai Plays 

Intra-hall recreational games competition 

  • Binjai eSports Games 

Hall residents can take part in a wide selection of sports and recreational CCAs that the hall offers, with new additions such as Tennis and Floorball.  

    • Spooktacular Evening 
    • Exam Welfare 
    • Theme Week 

Check out Binjai Hall on Instagram @ntubinjaihall or visit linktr.ee/binjaihall for more information. 

‘If there is no community or family then Hall is not Hall; it is just a rental flat” – Arvin, Banyan Hall President

With Arvin’s belief in cultivating a meaningful hall life, Banyan Hall is open to receiving inputs from residents to make hall life more enjoyable. New residents who want to play a part in shaping hall culture at Banyan can explore and create new ad-hocs or contribute to current ones. 

Primarily reserved for Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) students, Banyan Hall is located at North Hill, right next to the faculty. Banyan Hall is still in its formative years and does not have any traditions passed down from batch to batch. This means that residents can exercise more freedom in coming up with their own hall culture.  

 What’s fun at Banyan Hall: 

  • North Hill Lunar New Year 
  • Halloween X Hall Birthday 

 Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • North Hill Games 
  • The Banyan Games 
  • Exam Welfare 

Check out Banyan Hall on Instagram @ntubanyanhall or visit linktr.ee/NTUBanyanHall for more information.

Crescent and Pioneer Halls (CresPion in short) are stereotyped for being the ‘scholar’ halls as many of their rooms are reserved for scholars. However, it is a mistake to assume life at CresPion is dull.  Even with strict COVID-19 regulations, many residents actively participate in sports activities such as softball, hockey and touch rugby, as well as workshops and educational events.  

 What’s fun at CresPion: 

  • Residential Education (RE) Events and Workshops 

Studio@Crespion teaches residents skills such as flower arrangement, embroidery, digital art design, art jamming and even henna.

Garage@Crespion provides the space for residents to revamp old materials and start initiatives such as Bike Salvation and Chessboard Project. 

Kitchen@Crespion imparts culinary skills useful for residents staying in hall who would love to learn how to make tarts and hot ice cream.  

Giveback@Crespion connects residents to communities in need to create mutual learning opportunities such as Teen Challenge and Pay-It-Forward. 

  • Self-Initiated Groups 

All lounges, sky gardens and other recreational rooms are available for you to sign up as a group and start your own interest groups! 

  • CresPion Games 

Friendly recreational and sports games between the neighbouring halls. 

  • After Hours Production 
  • Pioneer Partners (Pioneer-only) 

Residents will pair up to complete challenges and win attractive prizes. Once they hit 3, 7, 13 and 20 cumulated challenges, they will receive prizes from their Hall Council! 

  • Hybrid Amazing Race (Only at Crescent) 

The amazing race had residents participate in sports games and rec games to complete challenges and activities tasked to them, giving them a taster of what they could join. 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Sports Day 
  • Chinese New Year 
  • Inter-Block Games 
  • Exam Welfare Initiative 
  • CresPion International Welcome 

Yearly welcome event to educate international students about Singapore’s culture. This even attracts residents from other halls as well. Last academic year, Pioneer saw a double turnout rate.  

Fun Fact: ‘Study Hard, Play Hard’ is what CresPion stands by. Residents hold frequent study sessions and play together. 

Check out Pioneer Hall @ntupioneer or visit linktr.ee/pioneerhall/ for more information. 

Check out Crescent Hall @ntu_crescenthall for more information

Tamarind Hall is accepting of everyone, regardless of their background. As a Tamarind resident here, you can look forward to an inclusive environment that embraces differences and is supportive of your passion! 

One of the go-to gathering spots in Tamarind Hall is their sky garden. It is common practice for residents to enjoy late-night suppers together under the starry night sky. One of the best spots to catch the sunset, Tamarind’s sky garden offers a beautiful and obstructed view, possibly the most romantic place in NTU!  

 What’s Fun at Tamarind Hall: 

  • Regular Stargazing Sessions 
  • Alfresco

Open-air concept carnival with booths hosting old-school games and food at our Living Street. 

  • Rocking in the North 

A night of music and fun with residents from the North Hill Cluster, jointly organised by Saraca and Tamarind halls. 

  • Online Gameshows 

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Series of Online Gameshows 

Residents stand to win attractive prizes by playing online games with one another. 

  • Livestream Rocking in the North 
  • Exam Welfare Dinner weeks 
  • Christmas Celebrations 

These events are especially meaningful for international students who have not been able to return to their home countries over the past year.

  • Escape Room 
  • Theme Week 

Check out Tamarind Hall on Instagram @ntutamarindhall or visit their website www.ntutamarindhall.carrd.co/ 

Established in 2018, Saraca Hall is a new hall that recently merged with Meranti Hall due to Hall 7’s compound being used as a quarantine facility. However, rest assured that this young hall is as vibrant as the rest! Their Hall Council goes the extra mile to build a strong community spirit and many residents continue to stay at the hall for multiple academic years.  

 What’s fun at Saraca Hall: 

  • Sunset@Saraca 

Bi-weekly sessions reserved for residents to socialise and enjoy casual recreational games such as Exploding Kittens and Nintendo Switch. Jamband also plays for residents every month despite COVID-19 regulations. 

  • Recreational Badminton Games 

With approximately 50 recreational badminton players at Saraca, regular badminton sessions have brought them closer. Though Badminton is one of the stronger clubs in the hall, members do not play competitively and simply seek to have fun. 

  • Alfresco (Nanyang Crescent Cluster Event) 

Tickets are sold to external visitors while residents get free entry. 

  • Livestream Rocking in the North 

A night of music and fun with residents from the North Hill Cluster, jointly organised by Saraca and Tamarind halls.

Notable events in the past year (Observing Safe Management Measures): 

  • Chinese New Year: Trials of the Ox 
  • Escape Week  

In groups of four, residents will register for their timeslot to solve puzzles, and the fastest group wins! 

  • Breakfast in Bed 

The Hall Council collates McDonald’s breakfast orders and delivers them to residents’ doorsteps.

  • Angel & Mortal 

Fun Fact: Saraca Hall rents out dying racks for free and offers $1 coin exchange services to provide residents with the supplies they need in Hall! 

 Check out Saraca Hall on Instagram @ntu_saracahall or their website www.ntusaracahall.com for more information. 

Staying in hall may be daunting at first but it’s a part of your life to be treasured. After all, four years will go by in a flash but the memories and friends you make will stay with you for a long time. It’s time to immerse yourself in the hall spirit and make the most of your stay on campus! 

Check out NTUSU’s guidebooks on halls to get a comprehensive look at amenities, locations, Hall Council positions and more. 

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