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By Ian Lim • LinkedIn

We’re all too familiar with the saying “health is wealth”. But school commitments, social life, and sleep often have us leaving our physical fitness on the back burner, and we struggle to make the effort to keep ourselves fit. 

What if all it took to make that effort was 45 minutes? 

That’s where F45 Training comes in. They strive to make your workouts fast, fun, and resultsdriven. F45 Training is a fitness start-up now spanning across over 40 countries, and its main feature is condensing a day’s workout into just 45 minutes. In that short time, the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will leave you panting and sweating buckets, but you’ll be satisfied and pumped to take on challenges for the rest of the day!  

Featuring a diverse array of weekly and monthly workout themes, as well as adaptability to every person’s skill level, F45 Training ensures that there’s something for everyone, and that putting in just 45 minutes for a workout can be a fulfilling and rewarding use of your time. 

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To learn more about the F45 experience, we heard from two NTU students, Seth Low (@setherinos) and Kee Siew Yong (@ughsy), who both experienced the intense training for themselves at F45’s Jurong West branch. 

Like most university students, Seth was bogged down by school commitments and stress, leaving him without the time to run and hit the gym as frequently as he used to. As a result, he saw a marked drop in his stamina and had difficulty sticking to an exercise regimen. When he discovered F45, it was the fixed workout time that ultimately convinced him to give it a shot. 

“For someone like me without much time on my hands, an F45 workout is a great way to get my blood pumping for the rest of the day,” the second-year Communications Studies student told U-Insight. 

F45 features different themes for every workout session – perfect if you’re tired of repetition!  
Image credit: @setherinos on Instagram

Seth shared that he had struggled to keep up in his first session, as he had to work out more muscle groups than he initially expected. The fact that the other participants could follow the workout routines seemingly effortlessly did not make it any easier either. However, thanks to his trainers’ encouragement to take it one step at a time, Seth ultimately triumphed. 

“I definitely felt fulfilled but challenged at the end of the workout,” Seth mused. 

Image credit: @setherinos on Instagram 

F45 reminds its participants that exercise is not a competition – it’s a collaboration. That’s what Year 3 Business student Siew Yong learned during her first training session, surrounded by friendly instructors and peers who supported her every step of the way. 

At first, Siew Yong felt a competitive air about F45 and its participants. However, through the course of her training, she warmed up to her fellow exercise buddies, and got through her first session with a mix of pressure, perseverance, and peer support. 

“There’s a bit of, like, herd mentality,” Siew Yong explained. “If you see people doing it, you don’t want to give up.” 

Fitness instructors may seem like harsh taskmasters, but not at F45. Siew Yong said she appreciated that her fitness instructors pushed her to do her best, but also gave her ample time to relax whenever the going got too tough. 

Burn off your calories with F45 and earn a well-deserved meal!
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She also added that all the equipment at F45 was easy-to-use and intuitive, and that F45’s training regime made 45 minutes go by in the blink of an eye. Plus, it’s accessible to everyone including beginners! 

In fact, both Seth and Siew Yong said they would bring friends along for future F45 sessions. Now there’s an idea: inviting your friends along to enjoy 45 minutes of fun-filled fulfilment and productivity together through exercise. 

If you’re keen on trying out F45 Training for yourself, you’ll be glad to know that NTUPerks is partnered up with F45’s Jurong West branch! Enjoy a trial rate of $49 for two weeks of 14 sessions. Once you’re sold on it and want a membership, you’ll be entitled to a discounted rate of $60 per week for a one-month membership, or $55 per week for a three-month membership. If you’re looking to commit long-term, there is also a six-month membership for only $50 a week.

For those of us who are looking for more flexibility, there is a 10 class pass package priced at $250 (valid for 3 months), and a 20 class pass package priced at $450 (valid for 6 months).  Plus, first 50 sign-ups enjoy additional discounts! Check out and #ntuperks for more information, and to stay tuned for more great student deals.

A healthy body is also the key to a healthy mind and healthy soul. If you have been looking to work out but lack the time to do so consistently, fret no more, and try F45 training. After all, all it takes is 45 minutes. 

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