Realising Your Inner Artist with Artify Studio

By Annamalai Tanisha

Some say art functions as a sanctuary away from our hectic, roller coaster-like lives. 

When life gets too overwhelming, there’s nothing better than picking up a paintbrush and letting the canvas do the talking. Art provides us with an avenue to express how we feel, create something completely new, or even just appreciate beauty in all its forms. Even for those who are not artistic, art can be a new challenge, or just a fun activity to try out with friends.  

If that sounds appealing to you, Artify Studio can give you all that and more! 

Tucked away in a corner of Textile Centre in Bugis, Artify Studio feels like it exists in a realm of its own. Once you step in, you’re whisked away into a world of imagination and creativity.  

The studio is equipped with binders of sample artworks to get your creative juices flowing, a slew of colours in acrylic paint, easels, large canvases, brushes in every size and a plethora of other useful materials. Inside, you are only limited by the size of your imagination.  

Image Credit: Kyla Kwan

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by the warm staff who are there to assist you when needed. For the unguided session, you are free to explore the studio and paint to your heart’s content. Alternatively, those who prefer to properly learn the basics of painting can opt for Artify Studio’s guided sessions, led by talented professionals.  

All sessions last two-and-a-half hours, which U-Insight found was more than enough time for beginners to stretch their creative muscles, and for experienced artists to make their artistic vision come to life.  

The studio is brightly lit with lots of natural light filtering through large windows, perfect for gazing out of, if you are ever in need of some inspiration. It’s cosy and consists of two painting rooms, a bathroom and a tiny refrigerator that holds complimentary drinks to quench your artistic –– and literal –– thirst. 

With a mellow and relaxing energy, the space truly allows you to unwind and leisurely make your way through a painting. It does not matter if you have experience painting beforehand or if this is your first time holding a brush –– the studio everyone, newbie or not!  

With NTUPerks, you can get 20% off Liberty Art Jam and Unguided Liberty Art Jam sessions with the code “NTUSU20”, so make sure to bring a friend and unleash your creativity. 

(Additional reporting by Nicole Descalsota) 

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