Meet The Team

Dion Sng

A writer, theatre practitioner and an arts advocate. She's passionate about all things related to words and their performativity. P.S. She's quite a bimbz and she loves kopi-c.

The Editors

Sng Hui Ying, Eunice

She may appear to be trendy and sophisticated but in reality, she's just a blur sotong. She loves compelling stories that delve deep into the human experience.

Lim Ziqian

She’s obsessed with nature and hoarding books (less so reading them). Often confused but one thing she’s sure of is that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Tan Yi Shuen Merlene

Merlene enjoys writing campus news and lifestyle articles. She is outgoing, cheerful, and is passionate about translation and the social sciences.

The Writers

Annamalai Tanisha

She's a stationary hoarder, a low-key dinosaur nerd, Sherlock's biggest fan and a caffeine fiend. Her biggest accomplishment is having lucid dreamt once.

Audrey Chew

An extrovert that loves trying out new things, be it food or experiences. She will crave sashimi and hotpot any day – she once had hotpot for four consecutive days!

Audrey Wan

Internet pop culture guru. Loves finding slices of interesting storytelling – from bad food reviews to conspiracy theories. She can't choose between comedy and drama as her favourite genre.

Chen Jei Min

A fervent mala enthusiast, sleepyhead, daydreamer and meme lover constitute this human bean. If you hear really loud laughter, that's probably her.

Kavya Aggarwal

Wannabe engineer. Permanent daydreamer... and incorrigible optimist! Surviving life on tea and wanderlust. Loves one-on-one conversations, thrillers and neo-noir.

Natalie Oh

The kind of girls that's eating 24/7 with a fanatic love for mashed potatoes. Watches a K-drama 10 times and still cries over the same ending. Quotes Vines daily. Loves writing but loves sleeping before any writing happens!

Ng Ashley

This 19-year-old loves binge-watching K-dramas and has a weird obsession with DIY crafts. But her absolute favourite pastime is playing with her adorable dog.

Ng Ka Wai

A late-night snacker and book lover, he is completely obsessed with French music. In his waking hours, he wonders if being a wizard could be a viable part-time profession.

Nicole Descalsota

Aspiring stylo milo and expert K-pop fan. Likes to talk about desserts, entertainment and everything wrong with the world.

Ong Zhi Yi

Loves to sleep so much that she spends more time being asleep than awake. When she is actually awake, she enjoys watching films and writing about culture.

Soh Gek Shuen

Pro procrastinator and 7-Eleven instant food connoisseur. Uses the same 5 Telegram stickers and eats an alarming amount of Yong Tau Fu and McDonalds.

Tan Ching Yee

She loves eating, hanging with friends and playing sports – occasionally, that is. Don't ask her to go on a jog because she doesn't understand how people can run long distances without almost fainting.