Meet The Team

The Editors

Nicole Descalsota

Polyglot and expert K-pop fan. Likes to talk about ethics, entertainment and everything wrong with the world.

Ong Zhi Yi

Loves to sleep so much that she spends more time being asleep than awake. When she is actually awake, she enjoys watching films and writing about culture.

Alycia Lee

Internet pop culture enthusiast who prides herself on keeping up to date with the latest celebrity news (read: loves gossiping). She often procrastinates by making oddly specific Spotify playlists.

The Writers

Angel S. Mathew

Cartoon and fiction enthusiast. When she’s not reading, writing, or drawing, you might find her ransacking the local convenience store's instant noodles section.

Annamalai Tanisha

She's a stationary hoarder, a low-key dinosaur nerd, Sherlock's biggest fan and a caffeine fiend. Her biggest accomplishment is having lucid dreamt once.

Ian Lim

Enjoys video games, cute things, writing, or any combination of the three. A staunch believer that knowledge is power, and that learning is lifelong... but so is gaming!

Kavya Aggarwal

Wannabe engineer. Permanent daydreamer... and incorrigible optimist! Surviving life on tea and wanderlust. Loves one-on-one conversations, thrillers and neo-noir.

Kelly Leong

An avid writer with a passion for learning about people and places. Usually camera-shy, she can often be found karaoke-ing in her room, studying, or thinking about the future.

Leandra Gunnion

She’s an avid reader who likes to start the day with coffee. Enjoys watching movies, listening to music and spending time with family/friends. Pursuing her undergraduate studies in Economics.

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Pei Yuxin

Free-spirited Gemini. Intrigued by human beings in general. Loves talking about oceans, love languages, and Chihuahuas.

Sharyl Chin

An advocate for the mean girl trope and antagonists. Her best talent is memorizing movie scripts and song lyrics after watching and listening to them 3 times.