The Editors

Kyla Kwan

Is found either struggling with French tenses or parking her car. She’s always on the hunt for new eateries and podcasts. Can somehow never get over her Breaking Bad obsession.

Tan Siang Ning

An ISFP and Hufflepuff who’s a serial procrastinator. When she is not busy with school and work, she’s busy watching YouTube videos, playing Genshin Impact or collecting enamel pins she buys off the Internet.

Megan Kym Kan

An advocate for oatmilk and coffee. Always carrying her film around to take candid photos of people. She loves exploring different parts of Singapore you didn’t know existed.

The Writers

Anna Tan

A fervent supporter of anything Taylor Swift, her friends say she will drop everything to engage in a conversation about pop culture. When not getting distracted, you may find her trying to buy another pair of boots she doesn’t need.

Chloe Leong

The token tall-girl-friend everyone has. Her hobbies include procrastinating her readings by shopping for pants that actually fit her. Sometimes people don’t believe she majors in English due to her adept conversational code switching.

Demi Chumponvong

Pale, awkward and very very small, she likes coffee and good films!

Jaz Low

Loves spinning as much as eating. She can name every Red Velvet song in her sleep and rewatches Twilight whenever she faces a minor inconvenience.

Kimberley Pang

A professional procrastinator who will find anything to do besides work. With the time she has saved from not doing said work, she has become a jack of mostly useless trades. Also a future cat lady.

Oswald Yap

The most normal and the laziest student, who has the shortest introduction here as there is nothing special about him.

Regina Toh

There is no difference between Michael Scott and I.
“Don’t ever, for any reason, do anything for anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what. No matter where. Or who, or who you are with, or where you are going or… or where you’ve been… ever. For any reason, whatsoever.”
— Michael Scott

Samantha Ling

Your typical struggling university student who drinks too much iced coffee for her own good. In her free time, she’s probably watching K-dramas or mindlessly scrolling through Shopee!

Siti Zulaikha

A not-so-social butterfly with social anxiety. Often found either cracking a joke or desperately cracking her brain. Her passions are karaoke-ing, narrating life through Spotify, and documenting mental breakdowns while Mario Kart blasts in the background.

Soon Kai Hong

Likes the practical value of writing and the creativity it allows. Quietly disappointed whenever his friends fail to react to his next winning joke; considers it to be their bad taste.

Wen Xuan

Tan Wen Xuan

A dreamer who wants to stay true to herself. She’s usually seen studying at the library or typing out a random poem that’s always been lurking in her mind.

Therese Soh

A Reddit citizen whose passions include sad songs, spicy food and scary movies!

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