Meet The Team

The Editors

Cheryl Lim

A writer, dreamer, sleepyhead, sticker hoarder and meme queen
among many other things. A big grump, but also Soft.

Rachel Chan

A chronic tea drinker, Rachel’s 22 years old but she looks 18 and moves around like she’s 80

Zoe Zeng

Your friendly neighborhood musical nerd. Lover of spicy food, horror movies, angsty romance novels and shiny objects. A strange combination of bubbly and might-fall-asleep-anytime.

Loh Yun Jin

Her hobbies include watching Netflix, overindulging in food and travelling the world. Occasionally hits the gym and tries to work on being a better writer.

Lim Yi Xun

Collects pokémon cards when he is not designing or procrastinating.
Favourite quote:
“Life is soup, I am fork.”

The Publishers

Gladys Ow Yong

A regular of Pen & Inc and a huge fan of pasta(!!). Usually listening to indie pop music and laughing at memes to herself.

Jena Ong

A mad lover of otahs, she can eat 30 at one go and lives for anything cheesy. Her favourite pastimes include lying in bed watching youtube videos and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip.

Dee Pei Hui

This girl likes to write her journal and sometimes random poetry. She likes to take walks in the park and sit by the sea under the hot sun and brood over things when she thinks no one is looking.

The Writers

Gwyneth Thong

Psychology nerd, postcard hoarder, voracious manga reader, always trying to write a novel.

Lim Ziqian

She’s extremely fickle-minded and always daydreaming, sometimes she reads but she’s mostly a book-hoarder. But one thing she’s sure of is that the pen is mightier than the sword!

Jonathan Chew

Self-described community climber, Jonathan is friendly, non-toxic and definitely not salty. Some of his interests include writing, film, and falling asleep on command.

Shannon Ang

Glutton, Self-proclaimed Korea boo and one for adventure. Also happens to love all things film, shibas, power naps and hoard stinking cute stationery and washi tape!

Jordan Zhu

Has the ability to criticise everything beautiful and praise everything ugly. Your go to person for a little bit of hopelessness or desperation on a regular Thursday.

Spriha Mishra

Call her 'Spri'. She writes poetry, loves pretension, and tries not to devolve into an edgy teen daily. Her secret talent is surviving on four hours of sleep, five days a week.

Melissa Teo

More pillows, more blankets, she wants to be a human burrito. But she'll be willing to wake up to write an article or two.

Rohan Kapur

The literal personification of FOMO, he loves debating, scrabble, Milo, cake and awkward jokes. The only way he will ever meet deadlines is by procrastinating procrastination itself...or because everyone else is meeting them.

Preksha Banerjee

A 19 year old with a passion for horror novels and an inexplicable love for cheesecake, Preksha's passions include reading and organising. Ps - she's secretely known as Monica Geller :))

Kavya Aggarwal

Wannabe engineer. Permanent daydreamer... An incorrigible optimist. Surviving life on tea and wanderlust. Loves one-on-one conversations, thrillers and watching neo-noir.

Shermaine Lim

Probably the most accident-prone person you’ll know this year. Likes to write strange poetry.Sleep is optional for this elusive creature. Puts milk before cereal.

Nikki Andrea

A carefree soul who spends most of her time reading, sipping on tea, and taking care of animals.

Chelsea Ong

The sleepiest, hungriest, most accident prone and biggest procrastinator there is -- also a die-hard lover of milo, bubble tea and just sugar in general!

Therese Soh

Good catholic girl with a love for Jesus and spicy food. Knows her sitcoms and will watch practically anything - especially if it's horror. A sucker for good writing and all things 70s, from rock & roll to eurodisco.